Invoicing and Cash Accounting

Invoicing and Cash Accounting for Windows

The elegant, time-saving combination of invoicing and cash accounting.

The elegant, time-saving combination of invoicing and cash accounting.

Bill your clients & keep track of your finances.

Invoicing & Cash Accounting is optimized to speed up your billing, booking and budgeting.


We streamlined the billing process and help you automate invoice creation as much as possible. We are respecting YOUR workflow. You are free to adapt your workflow and app wording to your requirements & deploy a flexible invoice template. The Pro Version offers an unlimited number of invoice automation templates.


Manage customer relationships in conjunction with your billing and contact data.


Use expense and cost control: Assign expense accounts to budgets to obtain a real-time overview of your cost situation. Schedule recurring payments you have to make or will receive.

P r o V e r s i o n F e a t u r e s

Automatic Accounting

Save time: Your cash method accounting report is automatically prepared by your billing and expenditures process.

Printable Reports & Excel Export

Get printable reports with one click (cash method accounting)

- Yearly calculation or excess of receipts over expenditures

- Monthly excess of receipts over expenditures with account drilldown

- Report with details for every single record by date

Excel Exports

You're done with one click: Export all your records (cost, revenue, taxes) by

- Year

- Month

- Quarter

- Or within a user-defined period of time

Data is exported as an XLS File using your individual chart of accounts. You can pass this data on to your tax consultant. In addition, yearly sums for receipts and expenditures (with a drilldown by accounts) can be exported.

Invoicing and cash accounting allows contract centric line item booking: Just open the contact or patient record and start adding line items (or booking codes if you are a therapist). A new invoice is created in the background if needed. The app is extremely flexible when it comes to Taxation: use as many tax types as you wish. Tax is automatically booked.

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Invoicing and Cash Accounting


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